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This year, I’m a proud member of the McGrath Foundation’s ‘Pink Army’ for the Vodafone Pink Test!

In the past I have stepped around the Sydney Cricket Ground and fundraised. But this Pink Test, I am stepping up and taking on the challenge by walking (I may even run too! Edit: Who are we kidding, that's unlikely!) 10,000 steps each of the five days. 

Representing the Pink Army in my community, means I will be 'pinking up' and raising funds to support families experiencing breast cancer. 

Every dollar you assist me in raising will help place specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses wherever they’re needed – for free.

You can donate directly or even join me in stepping up to show we care!

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My Updates

Day 9 (final day of the Test)

Sore feet, sore stomach muscles (how does THAT happen!), but still walking! 
And listening closely to the Test willing the wickets to fall!~

Day 8 (Day 4 of the Test)

After my morning walk, I did a rather long solo walk past a few points of nostalgia - including longest-friend's childhood home and my long-late grandmother's house. An interesting, enjoyable walk albeit rather tiring! :0
Around 16,000 recorded steps today - clearly my most "active" day step-wise!

Day 7 (Day 3 of the Pink Test)

Jane McGrath Day - Day 3
Walked from home to Penel's on the other side of town - 5.5km - via the fruit shop :)
Sore legs. Very sore legs.
A sparse crowd at the SCG due to Covid, but still lots of enthusiasm for the cause.
Smashed my 10,000 steps by lunchtime, but not sure I'll be able to do anything else much for the rest of the day! ;)

Day 6 (or Test match day 2)

15,670 steps! 
Cold. Drizzle. Sore legs. But passed my fundraising goal! And also passed my daily steps goal! 
I will try to upload the amusing Strava map of my "Around the House Walk" which resulted in six thousand odd steps, and the completion of some odd jobs :) 
Who would've thought housework would burn so many steps?!

Day 5 - Test Day 1 update

10,483 recorded steps today. My goal is ten (because I'm either realistic or slack, depending on your viewpoint!); others in this challenge are doing twenty a day. Feeling at a disadvantage not having a fitbit ... but pleased I recorded over 10K today!

Day 5 - or Day 1 of the Pink Test

Sad to learn that all our "practice steps" have been reset this morning (*laughing emoji*)! The challenge is real now!!!

Day 4

26,000 steps in four days - I think I'll need to work on Charlie steps and multiply by four in order to reach my goal! :)

Day 2

I've worked out how to manually add steps which I can do at the end of the day - manually add any steps that aren't recorded through Strava. However, given I rarely carry my phone when I'm doing housework, or gardening, or running errands, I'd like to think I've done a few more steps than I'm actually recording! Probably not too many more, but a few ... my personal goal is slightly less than the goal set by the McGrath Foundation (10,000 a day) and I have yet to achieve that ... two more days until the Test begins though ...

Day 1

Getting a head start - four days before the start of the Pink Test. Managed 6,255 steps but didn’t manage to get them all recognised by the web page ... ?

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Good on you Helen! Enjoy the walks




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Go Helen! Well done for your constant support for the McGrath foundation x






Helen Dennis


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Awesome effort Helen.


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Well done HD!!!


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Good on you, Helen!


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Go on Helen!




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