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Help us do our part to make sure McGrath Breast Care Nurses are available to anyone who needs one by donating to our town’s page today or by getting involved and planning your own activity, just contact the committee leader using the details below:

Name: Jessica Zandona


How can you help 'Pink Up' your town?

Things will look a little different this year with all that is going on in the World, so we have decided to move Pink Up Griffith to an online fundraising event this year. 

We're still inviting you to Pink Up and help us create a visual show of support! We do understand that under the circumstances it may be difficult to hold an event and that's why this year we are focusing on small events between your Workplace, Friends and Families and online fundraising. 

Tradies, we haven't forgotten about you and your amazing support over the past few years! It is so appreciated, so any Tradie that makes an online Donation will be recognised as a 'Tradie Helping the Ladies' and can collect their toolbox sticker at GriffithRE HQ.

In October, show your support by pinking up and helping us raise funds for the McGrath Foundation, you’ll help ensure families across Australia have the specialised care and support of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse.

A breast cancer diagnosis can change your life in an instant. McGrath Breast Care Nurses are there every step of the way providing physical, emotional and psychological support to individuals and their families.

With 19,807 women and 167 men diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia this year, the need for McGrath Nurses continues to grow.

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